SO WHAT! Wednesday

What time is it?  It's SO WHAT! Wednesday time and this week, I am saying SO WHAT! if:
  • I forgot to include the SO WHAT! logo on my SWW post last week.  I don't think anyone even noticed.
  • I had more homework during the first week of school than my kids did.  Oh the beginning of the school year paperwork - it's never ending.  My fingers were cramped by Friday.
  • I made a beeline for my son's desk at "Meet the Teachers" last night so I could hurry and open it to see if he keeps things neat and organized.  He did me proud.
  • My nephew who is in second grade in Naperville, IL had spelling words his first week that consisted of 'whistle, thimble, and cheese' and my son (also in second grade) had to learn 'has, fix, and will'.  I believe that my son's words are a little more age appropriate.  But I have to give a big shout out to my nephew who, despite his anxiety over the intimidating word list - scored 100%! 
  • I'm crabby because I'm laying off the body is totally ticked at me and rebelling.  I was raised on pasta and white bread.  I'm Italian for goodness sake and I'm irritated! You don't know how I long for a big plate of spaghetti and two slices of Italian bread. 
  • I was driving for about 20 years before I realized that the little sideways triangle on the gas gauge actually points to the side of your car that your fuel door is located.  No more guessing or pulling up to the pump and getting out of your car only to realize your gas tank is on the opposite side.  Yep!  You're welcome.
  • I have a terrible toothache right now, but I'm working on my So What! Wednesday post instead of sleeping it off.  I've been hearing a lot lately that people look forward to my SWW posts.  Don't want to disappoint. 
What are you saying So What! to, this week?  Link up and dish.

Happy "Over the Hump" Day,


  1. I just learned about the little sideways triangle too!!! My cousin told me when we were away for a wedding the last weekend in July!! Can't believe no one ever told me that before!
    I support anything people do to be healthy, but my advice is to fit in some form of activity so you don't have to give up carbs! Exercise is WAY easier than dieting, and it makes you happy instead of crabby!