SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I am soooo saying SO WHAT! if:
  • Shannon at Life After "I Dew" didn't post her now famous SO WHAT! Wednesday link up, last week.  It was her baby girl's first birthday and she had some celebrating to do.  I mean some serious celebrating, friends.  She prepared for this party for months and from the photos I saw, she definitely should be in the party planning business.
  • I did it again.  I watched Lemonade Mouth on Disney again.  I totally lost count, but it has to be somewhere up there in the bajillions.
  • I stay up late to get my blog posts done.  I love blogging and I love that people tell me that they love my blog.  It makes it all worthwhile.
  • I think everyone should have at least one personalized accessory from Thirty-One Gifts.  Growing up I could NEVER find anything with my name on it.  Crissa wasn't exactly on the list of top 50 girls names when I was growing up.  Lisa, on the other hand, well she could have anything she wanted with her name on it.  Now everyone can have their name on their lunch bag, their storage tote, their wallet, etc.
  • My son made his own cast out of paper towels and scotch tape to cover a tiny speck of a cut he had on his toe.  He was looking from some Mama sympathy.  Oh and SO WHAT! if he realized after he taped it all up that it was the wrong foot!  {that was seriously funny when he realized}
  • I don't think that my hubby should ever use the letters 'lol' in a text, or an e-mail, or in any circumstance for that matter.  Don't get me wrong, he sure knows how to Laugh Out Loud, but there's something a little too weird about a grown man using 'lol' at the end of a sentence.  (Don't worry, he only reads my blog when I tell him too.) 
  • I have to pull my blog up on my iPad and put it in my hubby's face when I want him to read something clever I said.  He lives with me and is used to my quick wit, so he doesn't feel like he's missing anything {little does he know}.
  • I started hyperventilating when I saw my debit card statement on line and there were OVER $300 in charges from an iPhone app that my kids love to play.  Apparently it cost $20 for a jar of treats in the virtual Pet Hotel and apparently these dogs are HUN-GRY!  So the app is only .99 cents but it costs a whole lot more to feed these carnivorous little canines.  My only saving grace was the fact that their iPods are tied to my iTunes account and my debit card changed so they needed to get my new verification code before processing EVEN more charges. 
Well, on that note I have to go check my e-mail to see if Apple Support responded to my frantic request to refund my money.  Link up and tell us what you are saying SO WHAT! to this week.

Happy "Over the Hump" Day,


  1. Thanks for the awesome shout out!!! Love it! And I agree, everyone should own SOMETHING with their name on it!

  2. I'm with you, my name is never on anything!

  3. Oooo I am gonna have to go and get something with my name on it!

    Your son's "cast" is amazing!! Ha ha

    OMG Those pets in Pet Hotel should not be so dang hungry!