School Daze

Really?  Where has the summer gone?  Today was orientation for my kids and tomorrow is their first day of school already.  I feel like it was just the last day of school and the beginning of summer.  I used to get that "day before school starts" anxiety from the time I was in first grade all the way through my Senior year in college.  Now I have it all over again and I'm not even the one going to school.

I worry about how my kids will adjust to their old routine again.  Will they be in class with their best friends?  Will they like their teacher?  Will they get bombarded with homework the first week? I can't help it, but these are all the things they have said to me over the past few weeks and I personally remember them all too well. 

As parents, we always want to make things as easy as possible on our children (to a certain degree).  Easing them back into a school routine takes a little bit of dedication and preparation.  Below are a few suggestions to help you get the most of out of your children this school year.

Make sure they:

1.  Get Enough Sleep.
As parents we all know the benefits of getting our children to bed early on a school night. They need that added rest in order to get up early in the morning (especially if they've enjoyed a summer of sleeping in). A good night's sleep will help with their attitude the next day and it will help their overall disposition.

2.  Eat a Healthy Breakfast. 
The experts all agree that giving a child breakfast before school helps in knowledge retention, test scores, and overall learning.  So don't let them leave home without it.

3.  Follow The Rules.
School wouldn't be very productive if it weren't for the rules. Remind your children of some of the basics. No fighting. No talking during class. Get along with your classmates.  Respect your teacher.

4.  Develop Good Study Habits.  
Children that develop good study habits are the ones who get through the school year without any major issues.  If your child goes to an after school care program, have them spend that time studying and doing homework.  If they come home right after school, have them get into the habit of doing their homework before beginning any playtime activities. 

5.  Try Their Best.   
Teaching our children to do their best will bring results that both you and they can be proud of.  

Good luck,


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