Cause and Effect

So my family and I have been walking in Cleveland's Annual "Autism Speaks" Walk for the past five years.  We support my cousin, Angel, who is on the Autism Spectrum.  She's a wonderful, loving 23 year old living with Asperger's Syndrome.  Her mom (my aunt) has made it her passion to get behind this wonderful cause and our large Italian/Irish family happily jumped on board.
A small sampling of our large family

 Once a year we raise money for "Angel's Army" and then we walk around Voinovich Park with our team and many others in support of Autism awareness.

View from Voinovich Park, downtown Cleveland
My husband has also been actively involved in Autism awareness for the last five years, as he volunteers his time and talent for a local Center for Autism in our home town.  And I'm happy to say that for the second year in a row, our two children have also gotten behind this wonderful cause by walking with Angel's Army by walking and raising money.  We thought it was important to teach them why we were walking and although our son may still be a little young to appreciate "why" he still goes and gives it his all.

My family

An effect is what happens as a result of the cause.  It is our hope that getting behind this wonderful cause will have a profound effect on those who individuals who live with autism and the family and friends who love them.
Be supportive,


  1. nice! Love that last graphic on autism there!

    hope your walk was successful :)