Saturday Morning Scene

What's up, Saturday?  Let's peak into my morning so far.

It started out with a trip to an amazing little hidden gem in my hometown...Maggies Magic Muffins.  Where the homemade, irresistible muffins are as yummy as they are huge.

We are all enjoying some bonding time with our cousins who live just south of Pittsburgh.  Three boys and one girl make for loads of fun for my kiddos.  The boys have definitely tipped the scale of testosterone in our house for the weekend.  Fun for days!

What can I say about this...hmmmm.  Who'da thought??  Country music blaring in my house all morning.  {No one who truly knows me - that's for sure}.  I am over the moon about my recently acquired Blake Shelton downloads.  I seriously can't get enough of him lately.  What is happening to me? ;)

Shopping and wrapping presents for a special little three-year old rounded out the morning.  Heading to the pool this afternoon to celebrate my Goddaughter, Lilly's Birthday.

What are you peeps doing this lovely Saturday morning?  Whatever it is, make it a great day!



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