Hopping on board a new Linky this week because of my Instagram Obsession, I thought this was a fun one. It's INSTALATELY hosted by Jenn at Perfectly Imperfect.  I love sharing photos on Instagram, that's no secret to those who know me.   Here are a few of my "picks":
I post a Daily Quote on Instagram, everyday and this is one "quite simply" is one of my favorite quotes.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE MAC Makeup and this was a very happy, pink purchase that I just had to share.

What can I say about Grandmother, 91 years old and look  at that style?  I love everything about this picture.

My babies and I at a favorite stop one vacation.  It's an annual picture we take and it makes me happy.

Acting silly with the craziest bunch of kids I ever wanted to know.  My son, my niece and my nephew!

Coffee Talk...the girls and I having an early Saturday morning pow-wow  over our favorite java drinks.

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