My iPhone is a Camera!

Say Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?  Who knew?  Yes, you can insert the sarcasm font here ;)
I say this because if you refer back to yesterday's post I am constantly defending why I always have my phone in my hand.  Truth be told, I don't want to miss a thing.  I LOVE to take pictures.  Always have and always will.  I'm no professional photographer, I just like to take random pictures of random things.  I especially love taking candid shots of my family and my friends.

I have always had a camera with me for every special occasion throughout my life.  It was that 'photobug' that landed me a job as the Photography Editor for my college yearbook.  I mean seriously - look at this menagerie of photos, negatives, contact sheets and Rubbermaid containers full of memories!  Years and years full of memories.
I have photos dating back to sixth grade, that I took myself.  That's a long time ago.  When I think back to when I was a kid, my mother always had her camera with her.  She was always capturing memories of our family, so I learned it from her.  She created photo albums for my siblings and I throughout every stage of our lives.  Every milestone caught on film and preserved forever.  I have learned to do the same.

So my point is.. my iPhone IS a camera that is always with me.  I NEVER have to miss a memory.  I know that my kids will certainly appreciate it {if they don't already} that they will always have photos to look back at.  Memories by the boxes.
As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  So I assume cameras are worth a thousand pages and I guess songwriters agree because here is a list of the Top 10 Songs about Cameras and Photography:

  1. Kodachrome -- Paul Simon
  2. Photograph -- Def Leppard
  3. Freeze Frame -- J. Geils Band
  4. I Turn My Camera On -- Spoon
  5. Kamera -- Wilco
  6. Pictures of You -- The Cure
  7. Girls on Film -- Duran Duran
  8.  Video Killed the Radio Star -- Buggles
  9. Pictures of Lily -- The Who
  10. 10. Camera -- R.E.M.
Surprisingly, not making the Top 10 is my favorite song about photographs and that's Nickelback's aptly titled, "Photograph".  Take a listen.

Say cheese,


  1. If it weren't for my iPhone camera I would have NO pictures!