I Love My iPhone. Period.

I feel like I must defend that statement at least 10x a day.  For Real.  Get over it, people {and I say that in the nicest possible way}.  It's not all bad.
It's part of me - an appendage, if you will.  I can't am not going to apologize for it anymore and here's why:
  • I'm a full time working mom who runs a successful Thirty-One direct sales business on the side - I need my phone.  Plain and simple.
  • I have two children who are involved in sports and activities.  Text alerts have become the norm from coaches and instructors, etc.
  • My husband has about three different careers and several hobbies - it's our life-line.  We use our Outlook calendar to schedule EVERYTHING - so we are in 'sync'.   
  • I spend a lot of time in my car {as outside sales people generally do}. I use it to catch up with friends and family and to listen to my music to get me through the day.
  • I spend a lot of time waiting...waiting for my customers to see me, so I catch up on e-mails while I'm out of the office and away from my computer.
  • I stream music on it throughout the day when I'm working.
  • I use it to do my banking {have you even discovered the goodness that is mobile check depositing??}.
  • I'm a blogger and I'm able to blog from my phone when I need to.
  • I take pictures...lots of pictures...loads of pictures.  Stop back tomorrow for a lot more on that subject.
  • It's my alarm clock, my calculator, my weather advisor, my to-do list, my coupon holder, my remote for Apple TV and my GPS.
Bottom line is that it keeps me sane, entertained, connected and productive.  All things I need to lead a happy, successful life.  More importantly, it doesn't take away from my ability to have face-to-face interaction with my customers, my friends, and most importantly --- my family ❤.

So the next time you see me with my iPhone in my hand - look me in the eye and ask me "what's up"?  I promise - I'll put it down and look you in the eye and have a conversation with you.  I always do.

My phone is ringing.  Gotta run!

Don't Judge,


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