Security Blanket

Well, today I start my week out with a dead laptop.  WTH!  Yes, my laptop decided to bite the dust on Saturday and I am beside myself, to say the very least.  Now, I AM fortunate because I do have an iPad and a work laptop (which I had to go fetch AT WORK on Sunday).  BUT, my personal laptop is my security blanket.  My husband calls my iPhone my "binky", so I'm pretttty sure my laptop is my "security blanket".  Judging by the Wikipedia definition {a security blanket is an item used to provide psychological comfort}, I would say that reference is spot-on!

Funny thing is [well not really] I was going to start looking for a new laptop last week because we have plans for my old bit-the-dust laptop.  Well, fast forward to Sunday and BOOM! Time to start shopping for a new laptop stat.  So, that's just what I did and I've decided on an HP Envy.  It's all cued up and ready for me to:
I'll be back in business soon, very soon - I hope.  Now let's just pray my data is recoverable (God knows I back that puppy up for days).  BTW, it pays to work for an IT company and have Computer Geniuses at your pretty-polished fingertips! ;)  

Make Monday Matter,


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