Currently I am...

Listening to:  Phillip Phillps, The World from the Side of the Moon.  Seriously, one of my favorite CDs evah!  I have never even watched American Idol, but I am a huge Phillip2 fan.  I'm always shuffling between Phillip2 and my boys Mumford & Sons.  I love their Grammy award album of the year, Babel.  Love. Love. Love.  'nuff said.
Watching:  Nothing really.  I haven't watched much TV in months, with the exception of Full House reruns with the kiddos.  If I'm lucky I'll catch a few episodes of Castle each month.  That show seriously is one of my absolute favs.

Reading:  Teach Yourself WordPress in 10 Minutes.  Exciting, I know.  I'm debating whether to move my blog to WordPress or to stay here on good old Blogger.  Currently the book is not swaying me in one direction or the other. [fellow bloggers...thoughts??]  Oh and I'm reading my favorite blogs, daily...Life After I "Dew", First Name Smith, WobiSobi and A Pretty Penny - total awesomeness.

Melting Over:  The fact that my daughter got a lead role in her Performing Art School's first Theater Production.  I am so proud of her!  Oh and I'm kinda melting over this picture of my little man sleeping in the car.  I LOVE sleeping children pics!
Annoyed by:  FACEBOOK.  Crazy posts in my news feed, pictures of battered animals, airing of dirty laundry, group messages.  Uggggghhh.  I'm also annoyed by the fact that my beloved iPhone just randomly powers itself off.  Luckily I'm all over my phone and I notice it pretty quickly {crisis averted}.

Wearing:  Wedge Heels, Tom's on the weekend, and my favorite Gap jeans whenever I possibly can.
Shopping for:  A new black watch.  Like I need another watch, I know.  I actually do though.  A black watch would complete my collection.

Excited About:  Officially winning Thirty-One's Leadership Incentive Trip to the Hard Rock Casino and Resort in the Dominican Republic!  I will be heading there in September of this year and couldn't be more excited.  So blessed!

Obsessed with:  Taking pictures with my iPhone and of course...Instagram.  OMG.  Seriously, obsessed.  I love it. Come follow me here.
Laughing at:  Kristen from First Name Smith's hilarious posts about Kim Kardashian.  Let's just say, she doesn't mince words.  I heart Kristen!  Oh AND this video of my sister-in-law and I during what should have been an instructional video on how to do beach waves in my hair.  Bahahaha...Apparently she just watched the movie 21 Jump Street.
  That's a wrap,


  1. Hi,

    You are a busy gal have to say.

    Instagram - I wish I could be like you, trying to but not getting time to click photos via my phone to upload. Probably I am still old school.