Lost in Emotion...

I'm not talking about the number one hit from 1987 by Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, but the only thing I can think to call my state of mind these days.  Lost.In.Emotion.

I can't sleep, I'm sad, I can't think straight, I'm completely 'lost in emotion' and I know why.  I'll spare you all the sad details because quite frankly I can't even begin to muster up enough strength to explain to you the tremendous loss I'm feeling right now.

Long story short...we had to put our beloved dog, Remi down on August 23rd.  She was almost 13 years old and suffering from arthritis, cancer and old age.  It was heart wrenching to say the least.  My husband and I got her a month after our second anniversary, so she was basically, our first child.

We had so many amazing years with her and I'll forever be grateful, but right now, I'm nothing but sad.  I cry at the drop of a hat (or more like a cheerio because she'd always come running to snatch it up).  Every corner I turn, I expect to see her looking up at me with her sweet face.  It's been hard to get passed the loss and I know it will take time, but I'm not a patient person. 

Here's a little tribute my husband put together for "Remi" - that's how loved she is/was.

I feel so lost without her...


  1. so sorry...it's unbelievably painful too loose a pet :(

  2. Aww i miss her so much and i feel excatly the same way. :( im am teary right now. :,(