It's Not Fair!

Ugggghhh...those three words together are my least favorite in the English language.  Especially, when they are spouted in haste by my seemingly "blessed to have what he has" son.  It makes me angry and sad to hear those words.  Angry because, unlike my siblings and I growing up, my children have everything they could ever want.  Sad because, unlike my siblings and I growing up, my children have everything they could ever want.  Don't get me wrong, we weren't deprived and we had a great deal of fun growing up.  We just didn't have all of the material things that kids have today.

Not to generalize, but I feel like it's never enough with kids these days.  I'm not saying that it's not partially my fault that my kids have as much as they do.  Understandably, I think we as parents always want our kids to have more than we had.  My husband and I do, however, make sure that are kids earn and deserve what they have.  They do chores, they get good grades, they must always use good manners, they are very respectful, and they regularly donate their gently used toys and clothes to a local domestic violence shelter.  Overall they are really good kids and I'm so proud to be their mom.

I do get frustrated though, when I hear my son yell out "it's not fair"  whether Bella saved up more money than him, or she bought a new book, or a friend got a new toy for whatever reason.  I try to teach my children that they are so fortunate to have what they have.  Some days they "get it" and other days, well they just don't. 

 So I have to give them a little dose of reality by referencing the Will Smith movie, "The Pursuit of Happyness" where the little boy, Christopher had only one toy (a superhero doll) that he lost while running to get a spot in line at the homeless shelter.  I know it might be a little dramatic, but it drives home my point.  Then I show them they're playroom full of toys and games and remind then again, how fortunate they are.

A little bit of everything
I just want them to be grateful and appreciate what they do have, as stated in this lovely quote I pulled from Pinterest:
Be grateful,


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