So What! Wednesday

Hello Wednesday!  You're really starting to grow on me.  Not so much the run of the mill day of the week anymore. 

Ever since I started linking up with my mentor blogger/friend Shannon at Life After I "Dew" - I'm kind of liking Wednesdays.  It gives me a chance to say So What! to a few things every week.  So, this week I am saying So What! if:

- The guys at work think I'm crazy.  I say things faster than I think them, I sing at my desk, I bug them for help (a lot), and I am always teasing someone.  They know that place would be boring without me.
- I am obsessed and intimidated by my new Erin Condren planner that arrived today.  Obsessed with it's total cuteness and practicality and intimidated to start organizing my crazy life.
- I am planning a whole entire post about my new Erin Condren planner - I love this thing!
- My husband thinks I'm crazy for buying a planner when we have been electronic for years.  I can't/won't ever abandon my iPhone and Outlook calendar, but I seriously need to put pen to paper to keep things organized.
- I love Maks on Dancing With the Stars, but don't care for his partner this season.  I'm not feeling it with Soccer Star, Hope Solo.  I mean she has Maks as a partner and he had to TELL her to manhandle him  s l o w l y...really Hope? 

 - I beep the horn and wave a sarcastic "you're welcome" to people who don't thank me when I let them cut in front of me in traffic.  RUDE.
- My family room floor has pretty much looked liked this all week, but I don't even care because it reminds me that I have an active little boy living here.
- I'm actually excited that Panera Bread's Pink Ribbon Bagel is back for the month of October.  It's yumm-o!
Go out and buy yours today - all proceeds for today's purchases of the Pink Ribbon Bagel will be donated to various breast cancer charities and a portion of the proceeds for the remainder of the month.

Tell me friends, what are you saying So What! to?

Happy "Over the Hump" Day,


  1. I'll be honest, I think that I really want one of those planners! After Shannon Dew got one, and loved it, I'm really trying to refrain, but I'm not sure I'll be able to.

  2. Oh the planner! The best planner in the WORLD! Seriously Erin Condren knows what she's doing!

  3. love the planner! I find that my planner keeps me sane literally. I would go crazy without it.