Be Nice!

Today's quote of the day goes without saying, but I'm just going to say it anyway.  It really doesn't take any extra effort to be nice than it does to be rude.  I get really upset when I am trying to go out of my way to help someone and they are just downright rude.  I am in sales in my day job and in my "hobby job" and I really do try to bend over backwards to accommodate people (almost to the point of inconveniencing myself).  Then someone has to come along and ruin it.  I went out of my way to help someone last night and because she was having a bad day she got very rude with me.  The more she did it, the nicer I got.  I'm sure it wasn't what she wanted, but hey that's just how I roll.

My mom always taught us to "kill 'em with kindness" (figuratively speaking, of course) - so that's why I did and that's what I will continue to do because I'm a nice person!
OK, I feel better now.  Thanks for letting me vent!

Be nice, 


  1. Love this and so true. I think it's especially important in the blog world.

  2. Good quote. I guess patience and understanding are required to act differently.