Keep on Keepin' On

Friends, I'm am on the down swing of the busiest week of my life that I can even remember.  I'm literally exhausted, but "I keep on keepin' on".  I have my sights set on bigger things and I know that my hard work will pay off. 

I admit - it's hard to keep going at times, but it's in my DNA.  I come from a long line of hard workers, my mom has worked my whole life, and continues to do so (all while helping out with my kids).  My grandmother, who turned 90 a week ago, is still a seamstress and volunteers at church every week.  My aunts all work day jobs and put their amazing talents to use by selling their wares at craft shows.

My friends constantly ask me Why?  How do you do it?  I've found that if I stop to take time to think about what I'm missing out on, like spending time with my kids in the evening, hanging out with my girlfriends - it makes me ask those questions myself.  All I can do is "the best I can" - my family comes first and as long as they understand my goals and how they are going to make our lives better in the long run - that's all that matters!
My husband rocked this week -he  took care of business so I could do my thing.  I am so fortunate.

Happy Saturday,


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