So What! Wednesday

Welcome to another installment of So What! Wednesday, where I share some random things I'm saying So What! to.  This week, So What! if:

- I took three days off from blogging last week and one day off of work.  I was literally exhausted and needed a "mental health" break.

- I just realized that the words of one of my favorite songs, Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People, is actually about a kid that is basically losing his mind and plotting revenge.  I never really paid attention to anything but the chorus “all the other kids in their pumped up kicks better run better run”.  I still love it.
 - I feed my kid’s Guinea Pig more lettuce than he probably needs, because I love the nibbling sound he makes while eating it *too cute*

 -I’m about to make myself REAL busy in October.  There is an “Electrifying” sales incentive for Thirty-One Consultants and I’m on a mission to win lots of great prizes.

 -I secretly get all excited when my son says when he grows up he wants to “play football for the Pittsburgh Steelers”.  Two reasons – I LOVE the Pittsburgh Steelers!  And it’s better than his original plan of being “one of the guys that hang off of the back of a garbage truck” (as he told us when he was 5 – LOL!).

 -I love the smell and squishiness of a new baby but we’re all done having babies.  I get my baby fix through my younger friends.  This precious baby is only 3 days old...

- I get irritated that people I personally know try to dissect my blog posts to see “who I was referring to” or “what I meant by something I said…”   My thoughts are random, but my points are pretty clear.  I generalize to keep some anonymity – so with all do respect – “ please read, comment, and enjoy” but don’t dig too deep. 

- Chaz Bono used to be a female and now is a male.  People should stop judging and accept it or don't watch him on Dancing with the Stars.

That's what I'm saying So What! to this week, what about you?

Happy "Over the Hump" Day,



  1. I hope you do well in October! There are lots of great prizes! And that baby is just too cute! OMG that outfit is to die for!

  2. My brother always said he wanted to be a garbage man, such high expectations. Now he wants to be an engineer of some sorts. I would much rather him play for the Steelers though!! Huge Steelers fan!!!

  3. I love that Foster the People song. I had no idea what it was about either. Then again I don't usually know what a lot of song are about unless they come right out & say it. I guess you could say I get lost in the music ;)

  4. I have to comment I just have to
    #1 I love that new song it is awesome my hubby cranks it up and I never heard that lyrics now I need to look up the lyrics.
    #2 love guinea pigs I miss mine she passed away and I don't have the heart to find a new one she was my baby.
    #3 I get you with the whole tearing a blog apart thing just had that happen and told to hush myself.

    Girl I love this entry....really needed it thank you.

  5. I am loving that your little guy wants to become a steelers football player ;) I love me some steelers.... I think he would do a great job n that lil angel is the cutest lil thing ever!Her outfit is darling...