Sticky Notes of Kindness

I just love a fun challenge.  My new blogger friend, Ashley over at The Shine Project challenged her readers to place random sticky notes of kindness around this week.  What a great idea!  When we were little kids my mom used to write happy notes on napkins and put them in our lunchboxes and whenever we were sick she would draw a smiley face on a napkin and say "Feel Better Soon!"  I remember how much I loved those surprise notes.  I do that for my kids too and the funny thing is, they do it for me whenever they surprise me with breakfast.

So, I know what a nice feeling it is when someone does something so simple.  It brightens your day and whether you realize it or not, you carry that happy feeling with you all day long.  That being said, I tried to spread a little happy this week by posting these little notes:

I surprised my hubby by buying his coffee and leaving it in his car before work.

I posted this on the tree in my neighbor's yard the day before she left for college.

I'm going to carry post-its from now on and randomly post sticky notes of happiness as I see fit!

Spread some happy,


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