Football Makes Me Happy...

...really it does.  I know I'm a girly girl - I love pink and puppies and all things pretty, but I seriously love football.  I guess it helps that I grew up in a small town just north of the "City of Champions".

On Sunday mornings our priest would speed through 10:30 mass so we could get home to enjoy pre-game.  We would even eat Sunday dinner at half-time and for dessert, you guessed it we ate "Steelers Cake". 

On any given Sunday the city is swarming in Black & Gold.  Not to mention that Pittsburgh was recently voted the 3rd worst dressed city in the US by GQ magazine. Here is what they said..."The men and women in this city indulge a style that could be referred to as Game Day Casual".

There's also another big part of our game - the Terrible Towel.  Whatever you do, DON'T dis our "towel".  Not only does it hold a terrible curse if you do decide to trash or stomp on it, but it also supports a great cause.  Proceeds from sales of the Towel have raised over $3 million for a PA school which cares for people with mental and physical disabilities.

At the beginning of every season my mom would get out her handmade Steelers tree and proudly display it in her family room until the end of the Steelers season.  As you can imagine, this tree has been the focal point at many parties.
You see, to me Steelers games are all about family, friends, and tradition - three things that are greatly important to me.  And whether they win or lose ~ no matter what, I'm "Always a Steelers Girl".

Here we go!