SO WHAT! Wednesday

It's Wednesday already and I know you are all dying to know what I am saying SO WHAT! to.  Well, this week I'm saying SO WHAT! if:
  • I am all summer partied out.  I mean picnics, family reunions, swimming parties and the invites keep on coming.  I'm so over it, I say bring on Fall.
  • My husband puts stickers all over the back of his Zero Turn Lawn Mower like he's getting paid to advertise for these sponsors.  At least it's not the bumper of his vehicle!
  • I planned Family Fun Day for our employees and their families last Sunday and it was a complete "wash out", literally.  The baseball game was cancelled due to inclement weather.  Only 1/2 the people showed up and ate 1/4 of the food.  Bummer.  We were offered a "rain check" - uh yeah, no thanks (refer to the aforementioned "all summer partied out" bullet point).
  • I am a closet Jersey Shore watcher.  Gasp.  I can't believe I admitted that on my blog.  Seriously though, it is my guilty pleasure because it's just so outrageous and it makes me laugh out loud. My fav is DJ Pauly D because he's the most normal out of the roommates.  I love his crazy little outbursts (cabs are heeeeeeere!).
  • I'm a little nervous about the kids going back to school next week.  I don't think I'm quite ready for 5th grade math (which seems to be the equivalent to high school trigonometry back in my day).
  • I enjoyed the Smurf's movie just as much as my kids did.  I found myself humming and singing LaLa" La La La La, Sing a Happy Song" for two full days after seeing it.  It was so cute!
  • If I can't stand the sound of Presidential candidate, Michelle Bachman's voice.  I'm not a political type and I don't discuss politics - I do discuss people and her voice drives me a little lot crazy.  Plus she wished Elvis Presley a Happy Birthday yesterday and it was actually the anniversary of his death - MAJOR Fail!
  • So what if I indulged in a little S'more cake at the Pirates game last night.  You know I love me some S'mores and I was intrigued by it.  I did, however, split it.
Well that's all she wrote.  Link up and share what you're saying SO WHAT! to this week.

Happy "Over the Hump" Day,


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