I Am So Pinteresting

Seriously...another social media site to distract my already overloaded brain?  What is my world becoming?  Now I am hooked on Pinterest.  As if I needed another reason to log on to my computer, my iPhone, or my iPad.  Pinterest is basically a virtual pinboard for showcasing and curating visual things that you love.
I found Pinterst about a month ago and have really taking a liking to it.  I mean it beats the old days of magazines all over the floor, cutting and pasting and trying to find a place to keep everything I ever wanted to use for future reference.  It's awesome and addicting.  {Great, just what I needed...}

I started using Pinterest as a way to get ideas for my basement storage area that has been haunting me like a bad dream.  It is a complete and utter disaster.  So I started googling storage ideas and then I joined Pinterest, and started curating my own virtual pin boards that I can access anytime, anywhere...via the cloud.

My second mission was to find some cool inspiration board ideas for my home office, which is still a work in progress.  Now I'm pinning outfits that I am not fashionably forward enough to create on my own, ideas for our 2nd Annual S'mores and More party in October, favorite quotes, cute kid crafts, and so on and so on. 

One of the things I found (low and behold) on Pinterest was this funny little reference explaining what Pinterest means to some people.  It made me laugh.

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Happy Pinning,