Funny Foto Friday

Food is the funny foto topic of the day.  I found a few funny fotos of my kiddos eating over the past couple of years that I thought were super cute. 
I bet you can tell what this is...yummy peanut butter and jelly

He literally scaled the kitchen drawers to sneak these m&m's
Isabella and Daddy sharing her first taste of clams

A quaint little breakfast for brother and sister

Bella sharing her breakfast with her Beanie Boos
I don't know what it is about kids eating, but I love to take candid shots of them. Looking back on them, I'm glad I have them ~ they easily make me smile.

Laugh out loud,


  1. Great post! I just found you through a blog hop. I can tell I'm going to love your blog! hahahahaha! Hope you have a great weekend!

    Here's the link to my little piece of the internet.