SO WHAT! Wednesday

It's SO WHAT! Wednesday so link up and dish.  This week I am saying SO WHAT! if:
  • I took my daughter and my niece to get those trendy little feathers in their hair and I decided to get one too.  Mine is very subtle and underneath my hair so as not to distract from my daytime job in Corporate America.
  • I ate homemade Italian Ice this weekend like it was my job.  A friend in my hometown set up his portable Italian Ice stand at a graduation party I went to and in the hot, humid weather - It Was On!  Three helpings in three hours, but sooooo worth it.
  • If I wasn't this week's biggest loser in my family's friendly competition, my sister was and she was on my team.  Go Leigh!  (said Italian Ice ruined my chances).
  • I am preparing to go out of town for a two day Conference for my fun/after hours job with Thirty-One Gifts and I packed six different outfits.  I'm creative and it's hard to pre-plan my wardrobe.
  • I LOVE making S'mores so much that I did a whole post on it.  It is my belief that S'mores bring friends and family together.
  • The talking heads in the media are still obsessing over that crazy Casey Anthony...what color blouse will she wear when she's released from prison, who will pick her up from prison, how many book deals will she be offered, will she live with one of her attorneys, will she be invited to her brother's wedding????  WHO CARES, really?  I refuse to waste one more brain cell on this girl.  If we stop paying attention to her, maybe she'll just go away. 
What are you saying SO WHAT! to?

Happy Over the Hump Day,


  1. Just saying hello! Saw your link over at "So What Wednesday" @ Life After I Dew and wanted to let you know I stopped by and enjoyed my visit! Oh, and I love the feather. I'm seeing more and more of that and I am so tempted! How long do they last and can you wash it with your hair?

  2. Thanks for stopping by! The feathers last a few weeks (or until they fall out). There's a bead that clamps it in. Yes, you can wash and brush your hair with no problem. You really don't even know they are in. I'll stop by and visit you too. Crissa

  3. aaaah yes feathers!!!!!!! love it!