So Appreciated

Who doesn't like to hear these words?  I know I do.  But as our lives take on the chaos of each day, do we ever take the time to say this four syllable word ~ appreciate?  I really try to make a conscious effort to let family, friends, aquaintances, and especially my children know when I appreciate something they've done.

I have a customer at my job who deals with the daily stress of being an IT Manager for a large company.  She had been bombarding me with requests, changes, updates and e-mails for a few weeks.  I didn't mind because that's my job and her requests turn into sales which, in turn become commission in my paycheck.  I kept up with the requests and just as we were nearing her final purchasing decision, in her last e-mail she wrote "I appreciate you."  I can't begin to describe how it made me feel.  She's the customer, she's under pressure, she's in charge and she took the time to tell me that she appreciated me.  I made sure I told her how much those three words meant to me and that I appreciated her too.  It was a great feeling that I carried with me all day long.

Showing appreciation doesn't have to be anything elaborate.  I'm not talking about thank you cards or gifts, I'm simply referring to acknowledgement.  Acknowledging that someone has done something good or nice for you feeds the soul.  It makes people happy and it really isn't that hard.  It's a lesson my mom taught me and a lesson I started teaching my kids at a very young age.

Tell someone you appreciate them today.  It will go a long way ~ I promise.

With gratitude,


  1. your post is well timed.... my appreciation of my followers is in the form of a giveaway...which you won!! LOL!
    I emailed you... :)
    yippie momma

  2. Oh wow, Cat! I am so excited. Thank you. I appreciate you, my new blogger friend!

  3. You write the best posts! I have many people to thank and appreciate I guess I better get to it and I appreciate you for how encouraging you have been! :)