School Daze...

Seriously...where has the time gone??  My fourth grader is now a fifth grader and my first grader has moved up to the ranks of second grader.  Today is the last day of school and the kids couldn't be any more excited.  Mom, on the other hand, not so much.  Don't get me wrong, I'm excited that they get to enjoy their summer, that I don't have to pack lunches and empty bookbags and help with homework for the next three months.  For me, it's hard to believe that my babies are growing up so fast.  It seems like only yesterday that I learned how to swaddle a baby. 

Now they are independent, funny little people with larger than life personalities and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that.  I just wish I could freeze them and keep them this age for a little longer.

When you bring your first child home and all of your friends say "cherish them because they grow up so fast" - it's so true.  So my husband and I really do make an effort to cherish the time we spend with our children.  I hope you do the same. 

Enjoy your day,


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