The Lost Art of the RSVP

In this completely connected world we live in today, can it really be that hard to RSVP? 

I mean serioulsy a phone call, a text message, a Facebook inbox message - there are so many ways to RSVP to an invitation.  RSVP (Répondez s’il vous plaît), translates to “please respond".  So why do people fail to reply? Are they so busy that they're afraid to commit to the date? Do they have so many invitations that they can’t decide which event to attend?  Is their schedule literally so full that they can't find their way to the phone or the computer to say yes or no to the invitation?

In any case - if invited by telephone, hand-written card, or even via a modern method like social networks - it still means that a guest should have the courtesy to let the host/ess know if he or she is able or unable to attend.  Most party hosts expect and prefer invited guests to accept or decline an invitation, avoiding the uncertainty of planning.

It’s polite, and the right thing to do.  So when you open your next invitation, think of our your host who is planning and preparing and RSVP.



  1. OK, seriously - I get it! I am usually so good at rsvping that when my brother sent a text about my nephew's birthday dinner and I didn't respond he called me to ask if I got it. He said to me "I can always count on you to respond so when you didn't I thought my text didn't get out to everyone". I don't know why some people are so rude!! I need a head count people! I'm preparing food and while leftovers can be cool, too many are annoying!