The Bridge Between Confusion and Clarity's a been a minute since I've officially blogged.  I mean, I keep up with my daily quotes, but to sit down and actually spew my thoughts into the blogosphere, it's definitely been a minute.

I didn't start my blog back in 2010 as a "foodie", a fashion blogger, a new mom or anything like that.  I was just inspired by some of the early bloggers I still follow; like the amazing Elsie at A Beautiful Mess and the charming Keira over at Keira Lennox (formerly known as "A Pretty Penny").  I used my little blog to motivate, inspire, and to share stories and photos of my ordinary life.

Eight years later, BellaBud is still around, daily quotes are still my thing, but my voice has been quiet.  Not for lack of anything other than making time to blog.  Lord knows I have plenty to say and I'm pretty good at just saying it.

These days I spend most of my time keeping busy with my two teenage children.  That being said, I have had a front-row seat to the "good, the bad, and the ugly" of what it's like to be a teenager growing up in the digital age.  WOW, just WOW, what these poor kids have to deal with these days.  Social Media can be so unhealthy that it literally makes me sick!

I’m so thankful social media didn’t exist during my teenage years.  Seriously, all the @‘s and subtweets can really wreck a young person’s mind.  I wish teens realized how unhealthy it actually is.  If only they could use their mouths to say what’s on their minds.

I have experienced this firsthand the last couple of years with my daughter.  The hurt feelings, the @'s, the unfollowing, the "being left out", the not-so-subtle subtweets.  It's a terrible way for teens to communicate and express their feelings.  As a matter of fact, nine times out of 10, they aren't even expressing THEIR feelings.  A retweet is a regurgitated thought that someone else had and resonated with you at that moment.

Social Media can be fun and have so many benefits, especially for keeping tabs on your favorite celebs and the latest trends, or for promoting your brand, but it really can be detrimental to the development of a young mind.

I've taught my children to "SAY what they need to say" - to communicate with their mouths - in person, not through 140 words in tweet or a text.  Afterall, good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.

Be Kind,


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