When to Say WHEN!

Sorry Friends.  Something had to give.  Life gets busy and sometimes you just need to know when to say when.  I had to say "WHEN!", hence the Blogging Hiatus.  I missed my blogging outlet, but I'm happy to say that I still used my Instagram and my BellaBud Facebook page to keep my friends and followers motivated on a daily basis.

Currently, I am enjoying the long holiday weekend, at home, with my family and no plans.  Let me repeat that, no plans. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. I couldn't be happier. Last night, we braved the elements (a.k.a. northeast Ohio Spring) by hanging out at our fire pit and eating S'mores.  

The sun is shining and my mom's plants are still alive (I'm caring for them while she's out of town). It's all about catching up and chilling out this Memorial Day weekend.  I plan on being productive and lazy {if that even makes sense}.  Life is good!

Happy "Sun"day,


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