Do I Expect Too Much?

I think I do.  I mean, I guess I do.  I ask myself this question often and when I do, it always brings me to this quote...

After reading that, I can say that I definitely do.  I don't know why because I frequently end up getting disappointed.  Yep. I sure do.  You see, I am a "giver".  I'm generous, sometimes to a fault {how is that even possible?}.  It's just what I do.  

The logical part of me tries to block out any expectations.  By doing this, I can protect myself, but still give as much as I can, within reason and depending on the relationship.  Sometimes, the selfish side of me expects someone to do more than they did, but I try to remember that they are playing by their rules. That, my friends, is not always so easy [sigh...].  So I continue to be a work in progress.

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