Don't Judge

Ha!  I say this for two reasons...well, one because you shouldn't judge.  And two because sometimes, you'd be surprised at the outcome.

So, I'm not really a big Kid Rock fan {I reserve all of my ridiculous musician-obsession for my heart, John Mayer} however, my husband's friend asked us to go see Kid Rock with him on MONDAY night [yes, a Monday night].  At first I did my usual 'eye roll' {insert judgement here} but then I got to thinking... My sister is a ridiculously huge Kid Rock fan and my BFF's have all seen him in concert.  Everyone had the same sentiment, Kid Rock puts on a great show.

Hmmm, what else do I have to do on a Monday night?  "I'm in!" At the last minute, we found out we had an extra ticket so we started making calls. Dana? Beth? Rae Ann?  First come, first served.  Rae Ann was the winner!  As it turns out though, WE ALL WON.

First of all, Kid Rock truly does put on a great show - a fantastic, high-energy show.  I was impressed!  Second, Rae Ann was definitely worth the price of admission.  You see, she LOVES Rock n' Roll.  Actually, it's been her mantra for years.  Anyone who knows her, knows she will scream, shout, dance and steal your tambourine if you let her.

We had an awesome time last night and I'm glad I set my judgement aside and rocked it out!  Here are some pictures from our view.

Rock and Roll,


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