So What! Wednesday

So What Wednesday
Hello friends and welcome to another week of So What! Wednesday.  {Do you like Shannon's new SWW logo?  I dig it!} This week I am saying So What! if:
  • Today is my birthday.  Really.  It's not a big deal anymore.  Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for every birthday I get to celebrate, it's just that they're not as fun at my age.
  • My mom still makes my favorite meal on my birthday, even at my age.  Still makes me feel like a kid!
  • I have a hard time accepting gifts.  I'm a "giver" ~ I love giving gifts, but accepting them is a different story.  I AM TOTALLY GRATEFUL, please don't get me wrong, it just makes me uncomfortable. 
  • I ate Tortilla chips and fresh salsa for dinner two days in row last week.
  • I secretly love our little Guinea Pig, Darwin.  He really is the cutest little thing and he's pretty low maintenance, except for the cage cleaning [which I dislike very much].
  • I am obsessed with my best friends.  We call ourselves the 'Fab Five' {lately, 'The Wolfpack'} and we are all very unique in our own way and pretty damn hilarious when we are all together.
  • I demanded that my friends all brought their matching initial cups to our overnight getaway, last weekend.  Simply for photos opps!  {what's wrong with me? ;)}

What are you saying So What to this week?  We'd love to know...head on over to Life After I "Dew" and dish it out.

Happy "My Birthday" Day,


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