So What! Wednesday

It's Wednesday...welcome back for more SoWhat! Wednesday.  This week I am saying So What! If:

- I am not a big fan of Group Messages on Facebook.  Actually, I'm not a fan at all.  I really dislike getting responses for days from people I don't even know.  [If you are a group message Facebooker, here's a hint:  copy & paste]
- I am completely over seeing pictures of abused animals on Facebook.  I can't even look at the pictures and  it drives me nuts that people feel the need to post these horrifying images to try and get you to "support their cause".
- I changed my Facebook cover to a picture of Mumford & Sons.  I seriously love this band and I have a tendency to obsess over things that I love.  {'tis what I do}
- I paid my son .50 cents to be in bed by 8:58 last night.  Mama knows best and my boy needs his sleep, so he asked me if I'd give him .50 cents if he was in bed by 8:58.  For Ethan it was "easy money".
- I stuck my headphones on at 9:30 last night and got lost in my Josh Baze playlist for 2 hours.  Sometimes, I just want to shut out the world around me and listen to something a little "out of my norm."
- I have a tendency to complain a little more on "So What! Wednesday" - I try to keep this blog positive, but I'm only human and sometimes I just need to vent.
- I post a lot of pictures on Instagram.  Isn't that what you're supposed to do?  I know I have an Instagram addiction and I'm totally fine with it.  You know what they say...Admitting. Is. The. First. Step.

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Happy "Over the Hump" Day,


  1. I'd totally be willing to fork out fifty cents to get my girls in bed on time! I may actually try this on them and see if it goes anywhere. Stopping by from the SWW linkup and now following. :-)

  2. Hahaha! So you know what I'm saying. Thanks for stopping by. I'll visit your blog too!

  3. I wish FB group messages would GO AWAY! I actually left one and the sender sent me a message "why did you leave my group message?" umm...because it's annoying to get 495089045783 notifications from people I don't know!

  4. I pay my great nephew $1.00 for a kiss everytime i see him. did i mention that he just happens to be your son "ethan."

  5. hahaha Aunt Geri! It's been awhile. Beware, he's looking to make some extra money for the trip to Chicago.