We Are In Love

I'm so excited to wish my amazing, handsome, and hilarious hubby a very Happy 15th Anniversary today!
I am happy to say that it's been a decade and a half and, STILL ~ We Are In Love!  It's kind of our mantra, really.  It's the title of the Harry Connick, Jr. song that Rob sang to me at our wedding reception.  It remains one of the best and most amazing surprises of my life, to this day.  Keep in mind, this was 15 years ago and before the days of camera phones, YouTube or even digital cameras.  It was uniquely his own idea and I knew right then and there that our life together was going to be fun and a little bit amazing. {score!}
We have been truly blessed throughout our lives together and today we will reflect on that by having a nice romantic dinner - just the two of us.
Feel the love,


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