Who Does That?

Who makes jabs about children to their mothers? Who makes jabs about children - period?  I mean really, who does that? Pardon my tone, but I’m irritated and I can't shake it. Here at BellaBud, I always try to relay the happy and positive, but today I’m a protective mom who wants to throat punch someone (figuratively speaking of course).

So I stopped by a local store yesterday in search of some more school uniform shirts and pants for my kiddos. As I was browsing my ‘friend’ was on her way out. She stopped, we hugged, chatted for a minute and then she said she was in hurry to get home and finish dinner. She mentioned that she had to come back to the store the next day to bring her son (who is my son’s friend) to try on pants. Just as she was walking out the door she smirked and said, “I guess I don’t have to worry about you buying his pants. He wears a SLIM.”

It took a minute for it to register and then I was ticked. I looked at the sales clerk and said, “I believe she just insulted my son” and she said “I believe you’re right, I thought the same thing”. RUDE! After I left, I immediately called my husband a.k.a. the ‘voice of reason’ and relayed the story to him. His reaction… “You’ve got to be kidding me! She said that?  I'm not surprised.” OK, now I knew I wasn’t ‘reading into it’ if Rob interpreted it the same way I did. You see, he has a knack for teaching me not to read into things.

I started thinking back to earlier conversations my ‘friend’ and I have had over the past few weeks and then I remembered that she mocked my son’s lisp when she left a message to ask about how my at-home speech therapy was going. I thought at first that I was hearing things, but I replayed the message and I knew that she did. I didn’t want to believe that she could/would, but honestly I wasn’t surprised. I just shrugged it off and filed it my memory bank. It wasn’t the first time a dig has been made by her about my son and/or my husband. I know that’s how she is, but I choose to rise above and be a good person.

I try to look at the person, their circumstances, their environment and try to rationalize why they do what they do. It can be exhausting, I tell you. In this case, yesterday was the proverbial straw that broke mama’s back. My son had tugged on my heart strings more than usual after his little accident last weekend, so I was still in ‘over-protect mode’. All I can say is that you don’t make fun of people’s children - period. Ever.

Be Nice,


  1. I have people in my life like that too. It's not worth putting an effort into a relationship that's so .... exhausting.
    You want to surround yourself with people who will uplift you. Not those who will be tearing you down! <3 Chin up! You're an awesome momma!

  2. OH! These inconsiderate Mommys need a good swift kick to their rumps!!! Sorry Crissa Darling, I can't stand rudeness from other Mommys... Good thing I wasn't there, I would have dumped my cup of coffee over her head... lol Blowing kisses your way... xoxo

  3. my first thought after reading this was typical.Yes there are people who make fun of others.The most important lesson is NOT to teach our children to become judgemental.This woman must have grown up hearing her family sit around the table and talk about people.For me and my adult children I pride myself on knowing we dont judge but instead have heartfelt feelings for those who struggle with weight,jobs,ect..life important issues.Keep on being the awesome woman and mom you are growing into

  4. You are not still calling this Mom "a friend" I hope. Just saying.