Never Forgotten

Fire Fighters Raising the Flag by Thomas E. Franklin
I remember it like it was yesterday.  I remember where I was.  I remember precisely what I was doing.  I remember the sick feeling.

It was a beautiful morning on September 11th, 2001 and I was rocking an 8-week old baby Bella watching the Today Show.  I remember seeing the footage of the first plane hitting Tower 1 of the World Trade Center.  At first it was reported to be some type of "accident' but it was shortly thereafter that the words "America is under attack" were spoken.  I still get chills every time I think of that moment.

I remember looking down at this precious little baby girl in my arms and thinking 'what kind of world have we brought you into?'  I spent the rest of that day and night and the following week glued to the television.  I remember having nightmares of the towers collapsing.  And I will never ever forget the most chilling image from that day - the Falling Man as depicted in this photo.
Photograph taken by Associated Press photographer Richard Drew
It was that photo that was shown repeatedly on television and on the covers of every major newspaper in the country.  It showed the utter despair that the victims of 9/11 had to be feeling.  On September 11, 2001 - America united and for that one day - we all became New Yorkers. 

My husband and I had very good friends living and working in New York City at the time.  Our friend Bill remembers being along side the Hudson River, not being able to get to work that morning because of  an 'accident' and heavy smoke billowing in the air.  He called home and work to give an update on his status and as he was leaving a message he watched the 2nd plane fly by.  He knew at that moment that the plane was going to hit something in the city.  He recalls thinking "oh my God, this is World War 3" and the feeling of being trapped among the devastation while he waited to establish communication with family and transportation back home.  He and his wife and family have since moved back home to be closer to family and friends.

Other friends of ours live on Staten Island and I remember talking to my friend Anna after 9/11 and she told me that there was complete sadness that night and that her husband came home from work that day and they simply held each other the entire night long.  A few months later, Anna told me that she and her husband Steve were expecting a child.  It seems that she was part of the September 11th Baby Boom, where hundreds of women around New York became pregnant in the days and weeks after the September 11th attacks.  It was almost as it was a sign of hope in a city devastated by loss and grief.

Today we pay tribute to those who lost their lives on that fateful day.  We honor the heroic act of the first responders who risked their lives and gave their lives to save others.  We give respect and thanks to our troops who continue to defend our freedom today.

I saw this commerical on TV yesterday and it gave me an overwhelming feeling of joy and also brought me to tears.  Take a look and you'll see why. 
As I reflect on the 10-Year Anniversary of September 11th, I continue to hope for a brighter, safer future for my children.

God Bless America,


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  2. I think all of us will remember that day FOREVER! Where we were, what we were doing and pray for all of the families that were directly affected!

    I was teaching Kindergarten at the time - I remember one of my student's reactions to what he saw on the tv that night - it was so upsetting and I will never forget it!

  3. Thank you Darling... I need to run to get a tissue... xoxo