SO WHAT! Wednesday

Wednesday already?  Well you know what that means...another installment of SO WHAT! Wednesday, brought to you by my favorite blogger, Shannon from Life After I "Dew".

This week I have no problem saying SO WHAT! if:
  • I am totally loving Pinterest, but am still working out the kinks.  So many pins, so many boards, so much confusion.
  • I had to watch Pinterest's channel on You Tube to figure out how to add the "Pin It" applet.  I mean, what's the use of using Pinterest if I can't pin my own stuff?  I got it all figured out now, so you can follow BellaBud if you want.
  • I recently realized that I am still "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" - who isn't?  My kids wanted me buy them and so I did.  After all these years, "yep, still Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs"! 
  • I love my big brother very much but I dislike talking to him on the phone in Big Way.  Our conversations go something like this... me: hello.  him:  WHAT'S UP?!  me:  nothing, what's up?  him:  (insert long pause here), huh? ummm, nothin', what's up?  me:  still nothing.  him:  (insert longer pause and a loud throat clearing noise here) nothing, WAAAAIT hold on! (insert pause so he can talk to two other people in the room)...what are you guys doing later?  me:  nothing we will be home all night, why?  him:  huh? um because, ahhh hold on!...(insert pause so he can take another call)...alright, we'll be over later, I gotta go.  me:  wh? wh? wh? hello? Jeff?  Seriously?  He hung up!&%@#  Yes, that about sums it up - riveting I know. 
  • I am freaking out about a meeting I have with our Financial Advisor today.  He has a line item on the Annual Living Expense Projection Sheet called "Clothing Purchase - Monthly/Annually".  Oh boy, I'm in trouble.
  • I get excited when I have new followers on Blogger and Twitter.  It's nice to know that people want to hear what I have to say. 
  • I get bummed that I only have one follower on Instagram {thank you, ShannonDew} all in good time.  I'm still a newbie at it.
  • I am already wishing away the last few weeks of summer ~ I heart Fall.  What's not to love?
    • leaves changing colors
    • big comfy sweaters
    • football games
    • pumpkin spice lattes fro
    • back to school time
    • hayrides
  • I am so counting down the days until Jack and Jill starring Adam Sandler comes out, look at this trailer!
  • I should be finishing up laundry and that irritating aforementioned Annual Living Expense Projection Sheet, but instead I'm working on my SO WHAT! Wednesday post.  What can I say, I'm all about priorities.
Well, that's all she wrote.  Link up and join in ~ you'll be glad you did!

Happy Over the Hump Day,