SO WHAT! Wednesday

You know I love me some SO WHAT! Wednesday.  I look forward to this post all week.  Thanks to my friend, Shannon over at Life After I "Dew", today I am saying SO WHAT!
  • If Bella had a sleepover on Monday night with her two friends and I yelled at them like 15 times between the hours of 11:30 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.  I mean they are only 10, go to sleep already.  Where do they get their energy? 
  • If cancelled my subscription to US WEEKLY after eight years.  I think I've finally outgrown it.  I can find all the celebrity gossip I want to know on the world wide web.  Seriously, I have had about all I can take of the Teenage Mom covers and the same old same old sightings of "Brangelina's Brood" abroad.  I can Keep Up with the Kardashian's on any given day by following their 40,000 daily tweets and re-tweets of each other tweets.  It's almost maddening. 
  • If Princess Catherine recycles pieces of clothing and accessories from her wardrobe.  I think it's admirable that this future Queen is a "recessionista".  She always looks so put together and amazing.  She's recently been dubbed the "royal recycler" and I'm pretty sure she's ok with that title too.
  • If my son loves wearing his old Halloween costumes around the house and to play outside in.  I snapped this picture of the little ninja watching cartoons yesterday.  LOL!
  • If I am again falling asleep while typing my SO WHAT! Wednesday post, I have to get it done and posted before work.
What are you saying SO WHAT! to this week?

Happy "Over the Hump" Day,


  1. i love it!! omygosh, this cracked me up!
    the last picture of your son made me lol!
    what a great way to lighten up the mid-week craziness!
    i wish i could be saying "so what" to my mess of a house but instead am taking a quick break on blogger before more cleaning!
    i'm saying so what to the fact that i'm letting one of our cats sleep on our dining room table! :)
    happy wednesday!

  2. Thank you, Maria! I'm glad I could make you laugh today. You should link up and join into the So What! Wednesday posts - it's great therapy. Thanks for following :) Crissa

  3. LOL!! I love the idea of a So What! Wednesday!! I am so totally going to join you next week!

    Glad to see my kids aren't the only ones who wear their Halloween costumes all year long lol.

    Thank you for inviting me to your blog from BSN! I am going to love following your blog - your inspiration and humor are awesome!

    Spilled Milkshake

  4. @Christina, thank you so much! I am checking out your blog right now. Looking forward to following you, as well.