Missing Gram...

Today was a nice day.  I spent the morning with the kiddos and then went to a dear friend's baby shower.  My Aunt (dad's sister) came up to me at the shower and hugged me and said "Grandma would be so proud of you."  I was taken back because at the time I was just helping getting things prepared for the shower.  I looked at her surprised and said "why?"  She said, "Everything.  The way you write. Your success with Thirty-One.  Just the way you are..." 

I was trying to hold back to tears as they were welling up in my eyes, but like a broken dam they started flowing.  You see, I was very close to my grandmother.  She was very special to me.  She very delicately handled my fragile feelings during - and for a long time after - my parents divorced.  She listened, she cared, she nurtured and I always appreciated that.  She passed away five years ago and I still miss her very much.  When we were little she always used to tell us that she was our guardian angel sitting on our shoulder.  It was a lot of responsibility carrying around your own personal angel all day, but because of those words, I always wanted to do the right thing and make my family proud.

Today was a reality check that I have done just that.  Although I miss my Gram very much, I have my Aunt who knows just how special she was to me and I was to her.  It was a nice reminder. 



  1. that brought tears to my eyes! she was a wonderful person, and so are you!

  2. Thanks so much, Val. See you soon.