Funny Foto Friday

This week, I'm kicking it old school and by that I mean...the fabulous 70's.  Yes, I know it's hard to believe that I was actually a child (a very young child) in the 70's but I was.  I got to experience bell bottoms - the first time around, bright prints, plaid in all it's glory, coordinating clogs, and many other crazy combinations {be jealous}.  

Take a look at these lovely ensembles.  OMG!  Keep in mind that my siblings and I were way more stylish in the 70's that you may think.  My brother Jeff, sported a 'fro' from an early age all the way into the mid-80's.  My little sister, Leigh, always the "pretty one" dressed fab from the beginning.  Despite the outfits below, she is quite the fashionista in the big city of Chicago.

The Brady Bunch had nothing on us!

Smile ~ it's Friday,


  1. LMAO. Please post your homecoming/prom pictures too. These are SO funny!!