SO WHAT! Wednesday

It's SO WHAT! Wednesday and this week I'm linking up and I’m saying SO WHAT!:
·         If I am still giddy over my feature on Blogaholic, a new Social Network for Bloggers.  I was seriously speechless when reading it.
·         If my kids “graffiti up” my driveway like a New York City Subway Station with bright colored sidewalk chalk.  We love to see them being creative and having fun.
·         If my kids play on my husband’s Bass boat (parked in our driveway), in their Halloween costumes in the middle of spring.  Refer to “graffiti” post.
·         If I watched the Disney Movie, Lemonade Mouth for the sixth time last night.  I love the music!

·         If I watched the Disney Movie, Miss Manhattan on Monday night and loved it.  Something about a Disney movie or two or three a week, that's good for your soul (and it's great family time with the kiddos).

·         I’m a little lot intimidated by my new Sony NEX-3 camera that I took it out of the box and charged the battery on Sunday and haven’t touched it since.  It’s going to take more than point and shoot with this little monster.

·         If I swore I wouldn't log into BellaBud all day because I had tons of work to do, but have been on it three times already this morning.  Good Blogger/Bad Worker?? 
·         If I’m running out of things to say, this blogging stuff takes a lot of me.  Whew...
Happy “Over the Hump” Day,


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