Say It Isn't So...

What do you do when someone you look up to lets you down?  That's a question I have been asking myself a lot lately.  You see I have been dealing with three such disappointments all within the same 30-day span.  It really has been hard for me to see three people that I have admired, fall from grace. 

The first was a long time business friend and local celebrity that I've known and respected for twenty years.  Just last month he pled guilty to a federal crime that I can't even begin to discuss.  When I heard the news from a mutual friend, it was complete shock and awe.  I couldn't believe my ears, so I googled it, I couldn't believe my eyes and then it became real when I saw it on TV.  It took me a few weeks to shake the overwhelming feeling of disgust, sadness and disappointment.

The second came in the form of the resignation of The Ohio State's beloved head coach of 10 years.  I had the privelege of meeting the coach back in 1999 when we co-hosted a Team Builder for my (then) sales team at his previous University.   I remember listening to him speak with such passion and conviction that I hung on every word he said.  He was so motivating and he made such an impact on me that this 'born and raised Pennsylvania girl' became an Ohio State fan the minute he accepted the job as head coach.  After all was said and done he resigned because he failed to acknowledge that some of his players may have violated NCAA rules.  I know he did the right thing for the school he served so well and I accept his heartfelt apology, but it's still a huge letdown. 

The third is someone that I barely know but have really grown to admire over the past year until I realized that "she's not all that I built her up to be".  Bummer.  Let's just leave it at that.
So what do you do when someone you look up to lets you down?  I've been asking myself that question every day for a month and it finally hit me.  Quite simply you "let it go" and you "move on".  Accepting what has happened doesn’t mean you agree or will continue to allow it to affect you.  It simply means you are ready to move on.

Everyone must deal with disappointment.  Just find someone else to look up to. 

Look on the bright side,


  1. I'm really sorry you are going through all of this disappointment and heartache. Can I just add that sometimes things are not what they appear? Specifically in this first instance you talk about, the federal government has a 97% plea ratio when they have indicted someone. And, contrary to what most of America believes to be true, they can get an indict with very very little evidence. And because they have unlimited resources (money) they can carry on prosecuting while the person that was indicted runs out. Usually they lose their job and their friends. Because it can be drug out for so long most people agree to plead guilty just because they want to be done with everything the government puts them through. I'm not saying your business friend is innocent, I'm just saying there are two sides to every story and just because they pleaded guilty, there are always two sides and you can't believe everything you read, even if it's a news source. (OK, I'm a little passionate about this because I have personally been witness to what can happen when something like this happens. It is disguisting what they can get away with simply because they are the federal government and people just trust them. No questions asked.) Your business friend probably needs a friend. Letting it go is easier said than done but they could probably use a friendly face to listen.

    OK ~ seriously ~ jumping down from my soapbox...

    I hope you have a wonderful day and don't give up on people.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Cassie. I appreciate your thoughts. I haven't given up on people. Just having a moment. :)