Nothing Nice to Say?

Then say nothing.  How many of your moms told you that growing up?  Well that's the theme for my Wednesday.  I like to share happiness and laughter through BellaBud, so when I wasn't "feeling it" today, I decided to say nothing.  Then a loyal follower asked me "where's your 'SO WHAT! Wednesday' post? I must say that I was flattered that she follows me regularly enough to notice that I didn't post one.  I felt bad telling her that I wasn't up to posting anything today because I didn't feel very happy.

Well, I'm feeling better now, so today's post might be late, but SO WHAT!  What did you say SO WHAT! to today?

Speak kindly,


  1. i am totally in the same headspace today. blah.
    Anyways...I really want to send you the items you won. Can you email me your address to! It will cheer both of us up! :)