Book Club Friday

It's my first Book Club Friday and I'm excited to tell you what I'm currently reading:

Focus people...
I know it's hard to pay attention when you are staring at that perfectly handome face with those amazingly chiseled jaw bones, but I want to tell you about this book.  It's Rob Lowe's Memoir titled "Stories I Only Tell My Friends."  It's a light and fun read chronicling his early days in the "Brat Pack", his many lovers, his friendships with Charlie Sheen & Emilio Estevez and  Sean & Chris Penn, and his career highs, lows and highs again. “Nothing in life is unfair,” he writes. “It is just life. To the extent that I had any inner turmoil, I had only myself to blame.”

The stories in this book are entertaining as Lowe gives you a glimpse of his successes, disappointments, relationships, and one-of-a-kind encounters with people who have shaped our world over the last three decades.

I am enjoying this book and I'm sure you will too (if you can make it passed the cover...yeah, good luck with that).

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  1. Oh my gosh, he's handsome...I was just talking to someone this morning about how much I love him! Does he discuss his time on West Wing at all in the book?

    Thank you for linking up!!

  2. He does! It's very interesting. I have always loved him and I was suprised how funny he was.

  3. Following you from blogaholic! cute site :)


  4. Thanks, Brittany and right back at ya!