SO WHAT! Wednesday

Welcome to my second installment of SO WHAT! Wednesday.  Where do I begin?  This week I am saying SO WHAT if:
  • I've been up since 4:00 a.m. because of a torrential downpour and raging thunderstorm.  April showers bring May flowers, right?
  • I still haven't been able to link my blog to my Facebook Fan page - it's only been a week of trying...grrrr
  • If my family and I are leaving for Chicago tomorrow morning and the only bag that's even packed is my dog's!!!
  • I had buyer's remorse from Sunday's T.J. Maxx splurge and returned the cute sandals I blogged about
  • I am obsessed with the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, I know I'm not alone.
  • I think that the seven course gourmet meal (with two desserts) that my husband and I were invited to last night, was excessive.  I only get 29 points a day on Weight Watchers and Tiramisu counts for 12 of them.  It's all about prioritizing, right?
  • I am going to be dragging at work today, at least I got my SO WHAT! Wednesday post done.
Get "over the hump" today and make it a great day!



  1. So What if..... It took me an entire day to get over to your blog! I'm finally here and I'm loving it!! We can obsess over the Royal Wedding together. My husband, the Englishman I imported straight from the UK, doesn't get too excited about anything royal so now I have someone I can talk to about it!